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The Five Bite Diet...Nutrition Expert for DietTV Weighs In

Yesterday we told you about the Five Bite Diet - where you take five bites of whatever you want at each meal in order to lose weight. Even though it sounds great - like any other diet - this one is too good to be true, says Toby Amidor, director of nutrition for DietTV.com
Amidor, who rates current diets and assesses their nutritional value for Diet TV, gives her take on the new bestseller, Why Weight Around? Here are Toby's three top concerns about this revolutionary eating plan that encourages you to give into your guilty pleasure as long you keep your splurge down to five bites at each meal:
  1. You are not learning healthy dietary habits - eating whatever you want can get out of control! Once you have lost the weight, you'll be eating your regular fast food meal again and gain all the weight back - plus some.
  2. This 5-bite rule is trying to find a way to control portion sizes, but I would encourage more than five bites of fruits or vegetables (ie. salad) or any other nutrient-rich, low-calorie or unprocessed food.
  3. What are you supposed to do with the rest of the food after you have taken the five bites? This shows the exact point that there is an obesity epidemic due to the over availability of food in this country that is mass produced.
So would you still give five bites a try? The Golden Arches were calling my name when I first heard about this diet, but I have a feeling I'll be saving my special visits to Mickey D's for road trips. That's my weight loss rule - when you drive out of state and hit a McDonald's the calories you consume don't count. And that's why I'm not a weight loss expert.

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Posted in: Blog on 02/17/2008


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