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The Face Plant Part II

Last year, when I was busier than ever, I accidentally tripped over my pant leg while walking down my basement steps and proceeded to fall down the steps with a Jenny Craig pizza in one hand, diet coke and steak knife in the other. Since I didn't have any hands to break my fall, I landed flat on my face and to this day, I have a bump on my nose from the incident in question.

Fast forward to yesterday and "oops, I did it again." While walking in front of the courthouse where I've spent the better part of this month, I was carrying my laptop around my neck, a 30 pound satchel in the other when out of nowhere, my foot got tangled in my pant leg and there I was again. Falling flat on my face. But this time, since my hands were free, my laptop case, Dooney & Bourke satchel and a blue shoe went flying and I plummeted to the ground with both knees pounding the pavement.

When I tried to get up, I winced in pain and actually started to cry. And then I looked up and about five people were staring at me asking if I wanted them to send over a court officer. I tried to ignore my throbbing knees, put on a brave face and told them not to worry, that I'd be perfectly fine and then I grabbed my shoe, purse and laptop case and hobbled across the street to the mall to get a sandwich from Subway.

Still in shock from the fall, I decided to call my DH to let him know what happened. And guess what he asked me first? How's the computer? I guess I shouldn't take it personally, I mean all I had were bumps and bruises, if my Mac laptop was ruined in the process, I would have been livid. Thankfully, there wasn't a scratch or scrape and so I guess I got off easy - aside from the black and blue marks, swelling and red knees, I look perfect. I guess next time, I don't wear the pants, the blue shoes and I leave my bags behind. It always takes falling to the floor to get a little perspective on life.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 12/18/2008


  • Beth, I can't tell you how many times I've done this. Actually hurt my wrist two years ago getting my heel caught in a pants leg in my office. Face plant in our big open office space. CLASSY.

    To be honest, I'm naturally a clutz, and totally, shamefully used to these incidents at this point.

    Nurse the pride and bruises, have an extra wine, and be happy all is ok! It's a good story. :-)

  • I can totally relate to this story Beth. We women carry around such heavy bags and it is surprising that this kind of thing doesn't happen to us more often.

    Your fall reminds me of the one time I was called for jury duty many years ago. The heel of my shoe got caught in a crack of the pavement and my much needed first cup of hot coffee and I went flying toward the ground. I went into the courthouse with bloodied knees and an empty coffee cup crying like a baby. It really hurt!

    I really feel for you and totally understand the flurry of emotions and pain you described. Indeed,falling to the floor does give us perspective on life.

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