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The Easiest Muffins Under the Sun

For those of you that are loyal Role Mommy subscribers, you may know that I am averse to baking. I hate the mess, the disastrous results from a cooking expedition gone awry and pretty much dissuade my kids from joining me in the kitchen to bake cookies because I despise the clean-up. I've also burnt lots of cookies and cupcakes in my day but that is until now! I've just discovered Betty Crocker's Chocolate chip muffin mix. All you have to do is grease your muffin pan, pour the package in a bowl, add water, mix it together, pour the contents into the muffin pan, and within 20 minutes, you have delicious muffins that are only 150 calories a pop!
I can't tell you how surprised my husband and my daughter were to walk into the kitchen and see that I actually baked something from semi-scratch - but alas, I did it! Who knows, maybe I'll give cupcakes a whirl next - as long as Betty has a version that's the same as this miraculous muffin recipe, I'm game! If you're in the mood to bake but don't have time for the mess or the stress, then visit Stop and Shop or Fresh Direct and pick up a batch. Your kids and your hubby will be amazed by your newfound baking skills! To return to Role Mommy, Click Here.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 12/16/2007


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