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The Eagle Has Landed

wiifit.jpgI have to tell you Role Mommies, I sort of feel like a Publisher's Clearing House winner or one of those Extreme Home Makeover families today.  Why do you ask?  Well let me tell you.  A limousine pulled up in front of my house today and out walked three athletic individuals who were just in the neighborhood dropping off a surprise present.  Okay, want to know what it was?  Get ready for it...A Wii FIT!!!!   Yes, I am the first on my block, the first in my neighborhood, probably the first person in Westchester to claim ownership of this prized possession that now sits in my basement waiting for me to hop aboard.

So getting back to this morning.  It had totally slipped my mind that the Wii Fit training team was going to be visiting, so I got dressed, hardly put on any make-up and slipped on a pair of incredilby holy (that would mean full of holes not actually the religious kind) socks.  The trio felt so bad for me that they reached into my brand new Wii fitness tote bag and handed me a pair of socks that I could wear on the balance board.  Then my private trainer Patrice started to put me through the paces.  We warmed up with some stretches, did a little yoga moves and then I even attempted a few push ups.  Then we were ready to assume the position.  It was Wii Fit Time!

After calculating my height and age, I hopped aboard and much to my delight, I am not overweight!  However, when I tried out a basic balance test, I learned that I am as fit as a 52 year old.  For those of you who don't already know my age, I'm only 38.  Ouch.

And so, we got started.  First I had to pick a trainer - I decided to go with a female since Patrice had been so friendly during the warm-up.  We then did a few yoga exercises which I handled pretty well.  You have to work hard to stay in the zone and the balance board even shows you if you're not doing the pose correctly - that thing is friggin' ingenious. 

Moving on to the "Let's make a fool out of yourself category."  I hopped right into the aerobics portion of the routine with the Hula Hoop game.  Move your hips in a wide circular motion and catch as many hula hoops as you can without being bopped in the head by one of them.   After a few tries, I actually got the hang of it and lasted about a minute rocking my hips all over the place.  I can only imagine the laugh these trainers got when they hopped back into their town car and hit the Big Apple.

But wait, there was more.  As my Wii Fit bank calculated how much exercise I had completed - 6 minutes for the day...go me - it was then time to try out a little balance training with some ski jumps.  While the trainers assured me that no one usually lands on their feet the first time around, I was determined to redeem myself.  And guess, what? I did!  I landed on my feet both times and during the second jump, I soared nearly 122 imaginary feet in the air!  What a head rush!

So before I knew it, my time with the Wii Fit team was over.  But they left me with a wonderful parting gift...my very own Wii Fit.  Now I can use it to set up my weight loss and fitness goals - I'm determined to be my own fitness age by at least July.  I can even program how much weight I'd like to lose and the Wii Fit will tell me how much exercise I'll need to complete to look halfway decent for bathing suit weather.  While I'm contemplating giving it another whirl tonight, I think I may opt for something a little more relaxing since I caught a head cold from my daughter earlier in the week.  Lucky for me, it's like Christmas around the Feldman household.  I received a box from Hachette Publishing filled with a dozen books from authors like James Patterson, Arianna Huffington, Kim Catrall (hello Sex & The City) and many many more!  So now here's my dilemma - work out or curl up with a book on the couch?  That is the burning question.

A big thank you to the Nintendo team for making me feel like a million bucks today and for those of you wondering when you can get your hands on this priceless treasure, then set May 19 in your calendar.  That's when the Wii Fit officially arrives in stores.  Or, if you'd like to come over and give it a whirl, maybe I'll let you use it...psych!

Incidentally, I actually recorded video of myself trying out the Wii but by some strange stroke of luck, my Flip camera refuses to let me load it up to my computer.  And so, you'll just have to imagine me looking like a fool today and if you run into Patrice and those two awesome Wii Fit reps, they can tell you yourself!


Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 05/08/2008


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