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The Cosbys, Valerie Bertinelli, The New Earth and Rick Springfield! All on Oprah!

Just kicking back today watching "Oprah" and remembering why I loved her show when I used to watch it way back when. She gets the best guests - today it was Sean Combs and Phylicia Rashad who star in "A Raisin in the Sun." Watching Rashad made me realize how much I used to love to watch her on "The Cosby Show" - she truly was the ultimate working mom way back when. And then, Sean Combs talked about the importance of family over money. Hey, P. Diddy, you're a really cool guy.
Next there was a preview for a show featuring Valerie Bertinelli - can't wait to see that one considering I joined Jenny Craig when I found out she lost 40 pounds on the weight loss plan (I've lost 15 so far). Then, they mentioned Rick Springfield will be on and he'll be singing "Jessie's Girl" - I am so there.
Next up, they just mentioned their Oprah book pick, A New Earth which is at the top of the best seller list. All kinds of celebrities are raving about it. I guess this is the 2008 version of The Secret so it's obviously going to sell a gazillion copies. For more details on all the great stuff coming up on Oprah, click here.

Posted in: Blog on 02/22/2008


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