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Yesterday should have been the happiest day ever for our kids. We took them swimming all afternoon, then brought them to dinner on the beach where they hung out with their friends and to top off the night, took them to a kiddy park where they had the chance to go on all the rides, play games and eat junk. And yet, my daughter left the park in tears. Why? Well read the apology letter she wrote to us today and you'll find out why: First we went to breakfast and ate some food. Next we went to the pool club for four hours. Then we went out to dinner at Seaside Johnny's and we had fun. After that, we went to Ride-Playland (Rye Playland). I was having lots of fun. Until I got upset and I didn't get my way because I wanted a toy. Everyone got a toy but me. So I was crying. Chance (her friend) gave me a back scratcher (the toy he had won). I tried to give it back (because Daddy told her it was the right thing to do). I am very sorry Daddy. Love, Becca

Posted in: Blog, Kiddy Commentary on 08/06/2006


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