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Slumber Party Screw-Up

Chalk this week up to I'm a crappy distracted mom and I've got to get with the program. A little over a month ago, my daughter decided she wanted to throw a post-birthday party - two months after her big day because she wasn't able to invite her entire class to her rock climbing extravaganza back in April. And so, she decided to invite three friends to a slumber party at our house.

She even made personalized invitations and delivered them to the girls at school. When we realized she was trying to get presents out of the gig, we instructed her to send out a different invite and make it a straight up slumber party so as not to make the kids who didn't make the initial cut, feel obligated to bring a present. And so, we went about the rest of the week thinking three girls would be sleeping over our house.

But a funny thing happened while planning the slumber party. I didn't call the moms directly to invite their daughters. And, one mom even left a phone message for me but I didn't check my machine and realized too late that she had called. Which means, after my daughter and I went out to buy ice cream and sundae toppings, and she made up a sign welcoming her guests to her party...no one showed up.

I know exactly what you're thinking. How could you be so forgetful or heartless that you didn't call your daughter's friends moms to confirm they were coming? What is wrong with you? And yes, I should have called the moms - because if I did, I would have found out that all three of her guests were going to be at a girl scout outing that night and never would have been able to attend in the first place. But instead, I let my 9 year old control the guest list, the party invitations and even the goody bags (she was going to give them extra webkinz from her original party) and then, without warning, she was jilted.

While she was on the verge of tears, I suggested she call one of her best friends over for sundae making - plus one of her other tried and true friends was going to be sleeping over too so it wasn't a total washout. And within minutes, her two friends were at the house, and the girls had a great time playing Guitar Hero, eating pizza, exchanging webkinz and making a mess out of their ice cream creations.

Although it would have been nice for the other girls to have come to our house, I realize now that if you hardly know the child or the parent, it might not be such a good idea to ask them to sleep over. And so, lesson # 5999 is put in the book of what not to do when you're a mom. Do not let your child orchestrate a slumber party without calling the other parents and making sure they A. Know about it and B. Don't already have plans.

Now I'm off to mess up something else...

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 05/31/2008


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