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Sleepless in Seattle

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sleepless_in_seattle.jpgSo it's 5:30 am and I'm wide awake in my hotel room at the Marriott on the Waterfront in Seattle. Though I've never been to this city, ever since I saw "Sleepless in Seattle," I've always wanted to visit. In fact, I loved that movie so much that when I became engaged, my friends sent me the movie poster and it hung on the walls of my office at CBS for more than a decade.

I'm so excited to be spending the day here and already had a fabulous seafood dinner with my mom at a restaurant called Anthony's that's located directly across the street from our hotel. And even though it was the coldest night of the year, my mom and I walked along the waterfront and already did some damage at a gift shop that had tons of sea faring goodies my kids are going to love.

The moment I woke up this morning I thought about how we were going to explore Seattle after our event today at the Tot Spot Cafe. And after one Google search, I figured it out. We are going to step back in time and visit the streets and restaurants where they filmed Sleepless in Seattle! In fact, lucky for me, one cool website mapped out all the locations with photos and everything! I know - I must be nuts, but I am a hopeless romantic. I even stayed at Le Sireneuse in Positano, Italy for my honeymoon after seeing "Only You" with Marissa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr.

Of course, before we knew it, the day got away from us (check out the photo montage above) and rather than spend the day strolling through Pike Street market and hitting the Space Needle, my mom and I found ourselves in a place that reminded us of home - Ann Taylor Loft. What can I say, they were having a buy one sweater get one free sale, it was freezing and we couldn't resist!

So rather than step back in time with me on the streets of Seattle, enjoy this great tear-jerker clip I found from my favorite movie. Gotta love You Tube! And if you want to grab an entire box of kleenex, then pick up a copy Sleepless in Seattle (10th Anniversary Edition)

Posted in: Blog, TV, see mom run book tour on 12/07/2009


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