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Secrets of a Writer Mama by Joanne Rendell

People often ask me how I?ve managed to write and sell two novels while a.) being a stay-at-home mum, and b.) being at stay-at-home mum with a four year old son who is homeschooling/unschooling/not-bothering-with-that-whole-school-thing and therefore is always by my side?or thereabouts. Well, if any of you?re interested or crazy enough to want to try such a motherhood-meets-author lifestyle, here?s five insights and tips:
1. rearrange traditional sleeping schedules ? I have managed to train Benny into sleeping incredibly late in the mornings. In fact, he gets up at noon. Yes, noon! This means, of course, that he also stays up late at night. Now, I know a lot of mother?s would shudder at the thought of their children staying up beyond nine because they need their ?me? time with a glass of wine and watching The Late Show without the whines of ?mama? ringing in their tired ears. If your such a mama, this sleep routine might not be for you. However, if you can stomach it and you can train your child into enjoying The Late Show and pouring your wine for you, I?m telling you there?s a whole lot of writing you can do between 8 and noon every morning while Sleepy Head is still in the world of Z?s.
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Posted in: Blog on 02/16/2008


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