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Rolemommy Movies of 2008

Here we are on a rainy and snowy Sunday watching a movie marathon with my family and so I thought, why not share my favorite flick picks of 2008. Considering I usually never see a film that's been nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe, I still managed to find several movies that my whole family loved and me and my DH enjoyed on a few random date nights. So without further ado, here are my Role Mommy movie picks of the year. If I'm missing a film that you saw, feel free to comment away!


images-8.jpeg1. Beverly Hills Chiauahua - Okay - all it takes is several cute dogs and you've got the perfect ingredients for a fun movie. Aside from the fact that I love any movie with Jamie Lee Curtis, I remember going to this film thinking it would be dumb and then after sitting through it, I actually loved it. So if you haven't endured this one in the theaters, then rent or buy it on DVD...this one's a keeper.

images-1.jpeg2. Kung Fu Panda - Another animated film with awesome celebrity voices - from Jack Black to Dustin Hoffman to Angelina Jolie, I loved the story of the overweight Panda who becomes a Kung Fu master. Reminds me of me becoming a pilates and yoga superstar - never gonna happen.

images.jpeg3. College Roadtrip - Once again, any film that features Raven Simone and Donny Osmond is an instant fan favorite in my household (yes, I know I am weird). But seriously, I thought this movie was really cute and I even shed a tear at the end thinking of the day I send my own daughter off to college - still have at least 9 years ahead of me, but time flies when your raising a tween.

images-4.jpeg4. Horton Hears a Who - Another great animated film - though we saw it several months ago, I remember having a permanent smile on my face as we left the theater. Great voices, funny jokes, and Dr. Seuss...what more can you ask for?

images-3.jpeg5. High School Musical 3 - Let's chalk this one up to the fact that I was feeling incredibly sentimental when I saw this one. That can probably explain why I got misty at the end thinking back to my last year in high school. Nevertheless, while others thought this movie wasn't as good as the first or second, I beg to differ. The music and choreography was great andthe surprise twist at the end had me riveted (okay, now I know you're curious.)


images-5.jpeg1. Baby Mama - By far, the funniest movie of 2008. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hilarious in this film about a Type A career woman who hires a surrogate mom to carry her baby. Greg Kinnear always delivers a winning performance and Steve Martin had some laugh out loud moments, but watching Fey and Poehler is comedy magic.

mammamiaposter.jpg2. Mamma Mia - The first time I saw this movie in the theaters I thought it was great. Now that I'm watching it in the privacy of my own home on a snowy Sunday, I realized it is pure and utter cheese, but that makes it even better to watch on DVD. You'll crack up when you hear Pierce Brosnan sing and hopefully for your sake, those sexual references will go right over your kids' heads.

images-2.jpeg3. Changeling - No question, this is one of the best films of the year and if Angelina Jolie doesn't get a Golden Globe or an Oscar for her performance, then she was robbed. Based on a true story, you will be blown away when you see what happens to a single mother whose child is kidnapped and she's railroaded and tortured by a corrupt police department head.

images-7.jpeg4. Hancock - Will Smith as an angry superhero. Yup, I'll watch that any day of the week. Even though the premise of this one was a bit far fetched, I still enjoyed it - especially when I saw Jason Bateman as a co-star. Okay - I know - anytime an 80's star appears in a major feature film, they have me hooked. Just wonder what would happen if Ralph Macchio made a comeback.

images-6.jpeg5. Sex and the City - Yes, I admit, this one was also pretty lame but you know what, I don't really care. I was a huge fan of the series and the thought of Carrie Bradshaw getting married had me curious - did she or didn't she? I also love Jennifer Hudson, the clothes, the shoes and the cattiness. The only downside was that I tried to watch this film on a plane and every time the sex scenes came on, I was totally mortified. Either way, watch this one at night when the kiddies are fast asleep!

So now that I've shared my favorite flicks, it's your turn. What are your favorite films of the year? Comment now and win a DVD from one of my favorite film musicals, HAIRSPRAY!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 12/21/2008


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