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Role Mommy Tip of the Day - How do Get a DVD Player on the Fritz to Work?

I'm sure you've been there. Your child is about to slip in his favorite DVD and watch a two hour movie and you're excited because you're about to have at least 90 minutes to get some work done. But here's the thing. The DVD player isn't working and while your husband keeps trying to press every button he can find, he can't seem to get it going. So he calls in reinforcements.
"Beth, can you fix the DVD player?"
"Sure. What seems to be the trouble?"
"It won't work and I don't know what else to do - I've pressed every button and has turned the damn machine on and off like five times."
"Let me have a look."
Within 20 seconds, I've diagnosed the problem. A disc that has two long scratches and a fingerprint smudge. While I can't fix the scratches, I put a little saliva on my finger, rub my sweater on the disc 4-5 times and voila, it works!
So to fix a DVD player, all it takes is a little spit and a piece of clothing you're already wearing. What does it cost? Nada. No go out and have a happy Sunday, on me.

Posted in: Blog on 03/16/2008


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