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The Zwinky Cuties NYC Launch Party

Jordan photo casual 5.jpgYou gotta love it when you're invited to bring your child to the premiere of a website that features a performance by a Disney star. When I first shared the news with my daughter, she was over the moon. In fact, she was so ecstatic, she contemplated wearing the dress she wore to my friend's son's Bar Mitzvah. Instead, I convinced her to wear a cute Gap outfit and at 3 pm, I picked up my kids from school and we raced to Times Square Studios.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted like VIP's, given all access passes and then we stepped inside to what seemed like the ultimate party for the 12 and under set. Free popcorn, cotton candy, sour gummy worms, pink cupcakes, punch, chocolate milk and cups that changed colors! After running into some of my favorite mom bloggers - Jessica and Nancy, who both write for NYC Moms, we angled for a great position for the concert and after about 20 minutes, the fun got underway.

We were first introduced to John Park, president and CEO of IAC Consumer Applications and Portals, who gave us the inside scoop on the company's brand new initiative to include tweens in a virtual world for girls. Zwinky has been around for two years and already has more than 16 million teen subscribers. With Zwinky Cuties, the company is poised to open its online doors to a legion of new fans.

Thumbnail image for cutie4.pngIf your child is a fan of Webkinz, then Zwinky Cuties is a perfect alternative for tween girls. For a nominal monthly fee, your child can have access to the site where they can create an avatar that resembles them, dress her in fashionable online clothes, select a pet, play fun games, chat with friends and much more. A child can't gain access to the site without parental consent so no worries, they're not joining Facebook, just an interactive virtual world for girls to be just girls.froggy.png

The next speaker was Barry Diller - former television giant who now runs IAC. After he praised the team at Zwinky Cuties and jokingly remarked that this was the youngest audience he had ever addressed at a press conference (the first and second row was comprised of 6-10 year olds), the moment finally arrived. The Jordan Pruitt concert! My daughter was so excited she nudged her way up to the front and even touched Jordan's hand while she was singing. And I have to admit, ever since the event, we've been playing her CD in the car and it's really good! Jordan is going to be featured on the Zwinky Cuties site and participants will even get the chance to interact with virtual Jordan and win prizes too!

Once Jordan finished her mini concert, we all got the chance to take pictures of her and that's when my camera decided to only take blurry ones - that's why I'm only sharing photos from the press kit and not from my Nikon Coolpix which is currently being repaired. AARGH. All in all, our trek into New York City was well worth the trip and my daughter has been playing on the Zwinky Cuties site every day since. If that's not the ultimate endorsement, I don't know what is! To find out more about Zwinky Cuties, Click Here.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 09/21/2008


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