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Role Mommy Kicks Off Suki Mama Mania!

Role Mommy is proud to announce that we've partnered with WPIX to help their morning anchor Sukanya Krishnan usher in motherhood in style. Sukanya has only 11 weeks left to her big day and we figured we'd give her the keys to the mommy kingdom and share the inside track on all the items she'll need to make life as a new mom a piece of cake. Plus, we'll be getting some great giveaways compliments of Babies R Us and Diapers.com so if you live in the tri-state area, tune in this Friday at 8:15 am for your chance to win!

The first order of business - Diaper Bags! We'll be unveiling some stylish bags for moms and dads compliments of Babies R Us and then, we'll share all the essentials a new mom needs when she's on the run with an infant. So without further ado, here are some of our tips:

1. Feeding Time - If you're using formula, keep a few bottles of sterilized water ready to mix with formula. You can buy pre-packaged dry formula, or measure it out and keep in a formula dispenser. If you're breastfeeding, get an insulated bottle carrier to keep it refrigerated as long as possible.  Our favorite bottles hands down are playtex nursers with drop-ins since there's no bottle washing involved when you're on the go. And you'll also need a burp cloth for spit up - keep at least 2 in your diaper bag at all times.

2. Diaper Duty - you'll need at least five diapers, scent free or hypoallergenic wipes, diaper rash cream (Butt Paste is all the rage these days), vaseline (for infants), Babyganics anti-bacterial foam cleanser and diaper disposal bags.

3. Clothing - Make sure you always have an extra outfit and onesie on hand in case your baby soils their clothes - and trust us - it will happen from both ends. And always have a hat and a pair of booties or socks in your diaper bag.

4. Soothing items - Pacifier, blanket, small plush toy - If you're out and about and your baby is getting fussy, then a pacifier will become your next best friend. Make sure you buy a "pacifier keeper" so that you can snap it on their clothes and you don't lose it! Keep extra pacifiers in a ziploc bag. And never leave home without a blanket - especially if you're going in and out of air conditioned places. Also keep a small plush toy like MiYim's new organic petite line of animals for babies or wrist rattles to keep them entertained.

5. Mom Space - Don't forget yourself. Make sure to include a separate smaller bag for your wallet, keys, tissues, lipstick, breast pads (if you're breastfeeding), a Tide pen (to erase the spit up stains) and sunglasses (you will be sleep deprived - no need for everyone to see the noticeable bags under your eyes).

Posted in: Blog, News, Role Mommy Recommends on 06/11/2009


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