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Role Mommy Recipes...Weight Watchers Style!

images-1.jpegSo it's been 10 days since I kicked off Weight Watchers and I am happy to report that I am down five pounds!!! Woo hoo. Let's do the happy dance. Snaps all around.

The one thing that I've realized this time around is that when I actually plan out my meals or eat half of a heaping restaurant entree rather than the entire portion, I've still been able to shed pounds. In fact, since I started, I haven't deprived myself of anything. And so as I continue my journey on the road to sveltesvelle, I've decided to share some recipes I've discovered along the way that are low in points (and calories), taste great and are filling too! (sounds like a beer commercial).

Egg White Omelet Mexican Style

Carton of Egg Beaters (1 point)
Handful of mushrooms (in the can or fresh) (0 points)
Two tablespoons of salsa (0 points)
1 Packet of Weight Watchers Cheddar Cheese (2 points)

In a non-stick frying pan, spray with Pam. Then toss in mushrooms and salsa. Next, pour in a half cup of egg whites. Let the mixture bubble up and when its almost finished, add the cheddar cheese.

Flip with your spatula, grab a plate and eat.

Preparation time: less than five minutes.
Taste: Yummy

For more great recipes, like this Key Lime Pie creation, visit the Weight Watchers site today!

Posted in: Blog, The Girdle Chronicles on 09/20/2009


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