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Role Mommy Interviews Kelly Ripa!

Picture 010.jpgDuring one of the most humid days of the year, Role Mommy had the opportunity to interview one of our favorite talk show hostesses on the planet...the one and only Kelly Ripa. We caught up with her at the Boat House in Central Park where Kelly announced an innovative fundraising initiative by Electrolux to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research.

Kelly even took a few minutes to sit down and chat with us and pose for photos and I have to say, while I normally take great pains deciding what I'm going to wear when I'm standing next to someone who has the most toned arms on the eastern seaboard next to Michelle Obama, I must have been sleepwalking that morning. You see, while I thought my eggplant colored Diane Von Furstenberg flouncy top was quite trendy and fashionable, it actually made me look four months pregnant next to the fabulously fit Kelly Ripa.

Kelly 018.JPGFurther complicating matters, I had a big ol honkin' stain on the front of my shirt which I just noticed in a photo snapped by Sarah at Genesis Moments. Also pictured is Jennifer who pens the blog Connect with Your Teens Online who shot the photo on the right of Kelly pouring a glass of gourmet lemonade.

I have to admit, if Glamour Magazine were following me around that day, I would have received the biggest fashion don't of the century. Since the event was outdoors, my wavy locks went berserk and just grew wider by the minute. And speaking of wide - what was I thinking putting on those culotte shorts anyway? But enough about me - I was there to interview Kelly and I have to say, it was a total thrill to sit down and chat with her. We instantly hit it off when I told her that one of my first friends at grad school was none other than "Schully" - one of Regis' favorite producers on the show. Plus, we even have the Hamptons in common - she has a summer home tucked away in the woods of Southampton and my folks have a house in the same town - and she was even nice enough to tell them she says "hello!" When I asked her why I never see her at my favorite Southampton furniture store (Hildreth's), Kelly replied that when she's on vacation with her family, she never leaves the house. Funny, but when I'm on vacation at my mom's house, my DH and I escape for date night without having to pay a babysitter.

Check out the video below for our interview with Kelly and if you're wondering why you don't see me in the shoot, I cropped myself out so there wouldn't be any trace of my fashion, hair and flabby arm debacle on camera.

After my moment in the hot seat was up, I found it so refreshing to find that Kelly Ripa is truly the real deal. She's classy, hilarious, endearing, giving and truly the perfect spokesperson for Electrolux - and did I mention how much I love those Bewitched commercials?

For more information on how you can open your own Virtual Lemonade Stand to help raise funds to support Ovarian Cancer Research, plus enter to win a top of the line two door stainless steel refrigerator that Kelly raved about in our interview, visit Electrolux today!

And one last thing...Sarah edited this fun video featuring Amy at Selfish Mom, Jennifer at Connect with Your Teens Online and me! On the way back to work, I gave the gals a behind the scenes tour outside Regis and Kelly's studio since I used to cart stars all over town in my former life. So enough of this writing...let's go to the videotape!

In NYC with Blogging Moms: Beth, Amy & Jen from sarah peppel on Vimeo.

Posted in: Blog, Events on 06/09/2009


  • I had such a great time on Monday at the lemonade stand launch. Your hair looked great, by the time I got home and looked in the mirror, my hair was frizzed beyond anything I've seen in years.

    Great post. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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