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Role Mommy Hits Sweden! We've Made the Brio Website!

Role Mommy has officially hit the international circuit! One of our essays, "My Gold Medalist" was just posted on the Brio website which offers essays from parents all over the world about how they're raising their kids. I love the fact that Brio not only offers great toys for tykes...you should check out their website which offers futuristic rail sets with cool little alien looking men that actually make noises! Take that Thomas the Train with your lead paint problems...Brio offers great wooden sets for builders and architects in the making and gives them the chance to bring their vision to life! BRIO Network is not your classic toy train set. It's an original world of Rail Play featuring imaginary creatures who live inside your computer. They drive super-cool vehicles around wooden train tracks. They can listen to their messages and interact in fun, new ways. Though the networkers are inspired by the computer world, you do not need a computer to play with them. Who knew - I thought those cooky webkinz had all the fun!
So visit Brio today and find out where you can get your kids an awesome train set that's interactive and educational and most of all, fun!!!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 06/15/2007


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