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Things that Bug Me

I have to admit, that in the wake of the current Wall Street crisis (if you haven't been reading or watching TV, Shearson Lehman is going under as early as today - meaning about 25,000 people will lose their jobs and AIG is on the brink too), I have to say that an email I received from the Obama camp was kind of a slap in the face with all this financial news.

Amazing, but in the month of August alone, the Obama team raised more than 66 million dollars and McCain - he added another $30 million just because Sarah Palin joined his ticket and his approval rating skyrocketed.

Is it just me, or is this campaign fundraising craziness a bit rude considering people are losing their jobs, their retirement money, their livelihood and much more? I mean what do they use that fundraising money for anyway? Negative ads, air travel, email blasts to people who are tired of seeing the Donate Now button in their in box?

Wouldn't they be better served by asking Americans to donate for causes that actually matter and stop raising money already? Does it really take $300 million to win an election? I can think of a lot of great places where that $300 million can go - perhaps back into our economy for one.

And one last gripe before I start my morning - with all this talk of our economy falling apart, is it just me or do any of the candidates have an iota of what to do on how to remedy our financial woes? At least Mitt Romney was an entrepreneur but he got the "No thanks, we're not interested" sign from McCain.

Honestly, I think it's time a board of financial advisers join the government and hatch out a plan to turn this economy around - now that I would pay good money to see.

Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 09/15/2008


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