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World's Worst Mom

This comes from one of our brand new contributors and a hilarious friend whom I've known nearly 20 years....Kristin. She also writes for The Spirited Woman but I finally convinced her to share some of her funny moments with us - and so, here's what she sent over...

The World's Worst Mom
Last night, I was making dinner and my daughters were fighting again. Then I discovered that Sarah had ruined another lunch box by putting a half empty, opened yogurt cup back in and it dumped all over. So I yelled at her. I told her that I just couldn't deal with her and she needed to sit down and get her homework started. I was so mad. When I calmed down (about 10 minutes later) I asked her what she was doing for homework. She told me since they were working on verbs they had to create a "Super Hero" and use verbs to describe the Super Hero. Take a look at the picture below and see what she drew....


Incidentally, Kristin - I'm right there with you. Last night, I was watching "Private Practice" and the show focused on an elderly man (Billy Dee Williams got so old) whose wife was battling Alzheimers. Since my own grandma had the disease, my kids proceeded to ask me questions about her during the entire show. At first, I was happy to respond (during commercial breaks), sharing stories about Grandma and even telling them when we first discovered she was losing her memory. But then the show came back on and the fusillade of questions wouldn't cease.

Another storyline featured two women who were married to the same man (they didn't know about each other) and both were pregnant with his children. You can only imagine the questions I got on that one. And then by 9:45 pm (my husband wanted me to keep them up because he was coming home late), they launched into "really bad joke mode," at which point, I summoned my best Mommy Dearest voice and bellowed, "Enough!!! Brush your teeth, put on your pajamas and get ready for bed. I can't take it anymore!"

Needless to say, my kids froze in their place as if they had just caught a glimpse of Medusa and a few moments later, my smiling husband burst in the door to welcome his kids with open arms. And with 10 minutes left to the show, I was finally off duty. I know, I should have turned off the TV and listened to my children, but after helping them with homework, playing Disney Sing It (which they only gave me one turn and then left the room while I sang), sharing my family history during one of my few guilty pleasures of the week and breaking up one too many fights, I had reached my boiling point. Thankfully, from Kristin's post, I know I am not alone!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 11/20/2008


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