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The No Butterball Zone

no-turkey.jpgEvery year when Thanksgiving rolls around, I wear the holiday like a badge of honor. "I am going to cook!" I declare and then rattle off all the dishes I plan to whip up for our 20 person guest list. There used to be a time when I would simply cook the bird and my mom would handle side dishes, but over the past two years, my dad has decided to head south before the big day which left me in charge of everything, and frankly, that responsibility drove me to the point of insanity.

When my folks informed me they would be ditching us for Boynton's warm sunny breezes this year, the first thing I did was check the airfares (hey, it would be nice to spend the holiday in Florida), and when I realized it would cost nearly $3000 to sit at my mom's dinner table, I began to think of alternative plans. Initially, I thought our regular guests would still be in attendance, but something strange happened. You see, I think my parents are the glue which holds together our holiday dinner and and so, when they bailed, everyone else took off for the hills. My sister in law told us they had decided to head to Florida too, my hubby's dad informed us he'd be hitting Boston and my cousins, well they're still out of the country so that doesn't really count.

So when our crowd of nearly two dozen was reduced to six, while I still could have trekked over to Stop & Shop for a Butterball, I made a much better decision. After receiving an email from The Palm, inviting my family to a Thanksgiving feast that would cost nearly $50 per adult and only $22.50 per child, a lightbulb went off in my head. The last time we dined at The Palm, we were blown away - so much so that we even joined The Palm Club and now, since it's my husband's birthday month - he can even opt for a free lobster tonight rather than a turkey dinner. We can order the prix fixe menu or anything we want and the best part of all is - I'm not cooking and I don't have to do the dishes!!!

Instead, today I'm going to take great pleasure knowing that I do not have to stress about anything. I am giving thanks instead to my terrific family members who decided to ditch us this year and in essence, gave me the break of the century. Hope for those of you who are cooking that your turkey turns out divine and your guests help clear the dishes. Me, I'll be savoring my hubby's lobster and thanking my lucky stars that no Butterballs were burned on my watch.

Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 11/26/2009


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