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The Gelt Trip

hanukkah-gelt-msn-divine-chocolate.jpgI think I'm being sabotaged by my arch nemesis at my kids' school. We used to be friendly, but over the years, I can tell that she really doesn't care for me since I don't volunteer enough for PTA functions nor do I stay up till all hours of the night baking for holiday events. Plus, I kind of made a reference to her in my book - not that I think she ever read it but if she did, that might be why she's giving me the cold shoulder and assigning impossible tasks to me that I cannot seem to fulfill.

First, I volunteered for a Halloween event and spent the better part of one hour manning the golf putt booth - pretty simple except I found myself chasing after golf balls the entire time. And now, just in time for Hanukkah, she sent my DH an email looking for volunteers to send in goodies for the kids' holiday party and while I initially chose to ignore her message (it wasn't as if she sent it to me), when I ran into her in person, I decided to rise to the occasion and volunteer - I mean how bad could it be - maybe they'd want a box of munchkins or an Entennman's cake. Oh, how wrong I was.

What she wanted me to buy was far more difficult to find. Gelt. Yes, gelt - or in circles that celebrate Christmas, that would be chocolate money to you. When she assigned me as the gelt getter, I figured, how hard could it be - it should be at the nearest CVS or Stop & Shop. Think again.

Either there's a run on gelt at the drug store or my local supermarket has decided not to purchase gelt this year for the candy aisle. Nevertheless, I am in a serious pickle. I'm thinking I can hit a Jewish themed store tomorrow but they could be closed for the holiday. My daughter even suggested I grab some chocolates and wrap them in tin foil - except the silver foil will never pass muster with the PTA police.

So here I am on a Sunday night suffering from a serious gelt trip. If anyone has a suggestion on where someone might pick up some chocolate money in time for her daughter's holiday party, I'm all ears. Because if I fall down on my volunteer duties now, there's no telling what kind of assignment I'll receive on Flag Day.

Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 12/21/2008


  • I've definitely found chocolate coins at Stop and Shop - twice in the last two weeks. In the holiday section, where all the other Christmas candy (Christmas Peeps?! Stop the insanity!) is piled up. What about Dollar Tree? Or Party City type stores might have it too.

  • N

    I am the holiday snack mommy this year too...just baked my face off (double bcs of the snow day Friday...argh...we ate half the cookies this weekend).

    Anyhow: try Rojay party or Party city. Rojay had bags of gelt for 79¢ each, I think.

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