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There She Blows

Stand back because I'm about to spontaneously combust.

Can someone please tell me why when my kids have playdates that last until dinnertime, when they spend another hour with my DH on the playground laughing and running around like lunatics, then another 60 minutes watching a back to back marathon of iCarly, they don't complain that their braces are killing them until it's time to go to sleep?

That's exactly what transpired tonight. Other than breaking up the usual sibling battles that seem to take place on a regular basis at my house, my kids didn't complain about their ailments like an elderly couple until it was time to brush their teeth. Within minutes, my happy go lucky kids turned into Jekyll and Hyde.

While my son complained last night about a cut on his face (that hadn't been bugging him until it was time to go to bed), tonight it was my daughter's turn. At 9:15 pm, she decided to inform me that her braces were killing her and she couldn't find the wax she had been using to dull the pain. As I searched the house for the wax and she continued to get hysterical, demanding that I take her to the orthodontist, my blood began to boil. You see, she just spent the entire day laughing, playing, fighting with her brother and not once did she complain about her teeth. And then, when she knows there's no possible way I can track down the orthodontist and force her to open the office at 10 pm, she decides to burst into tears and wail that she's in agony.

While I should have turned into Florence Nightingale and lovingly help her as she affixed wax to her metal brackets, I took a different route. I lost my cool. I bellowed that she could have told me her teeth hurt earlier in the day and I would have instantly run her over to the orthodontist. But now, the orthodontist's office was closed and I had to go to the city the next day which means if I have to take her to the orthodontist, I'll now have to race home and get over there before the place closes. Aargh!

I know - I'm heartless but honestly, why can't kids tell us they're in pain during office hours? Ever have a mommy dearest moment? Don't be shy. Even Kate Gosselin had a bad day this week when cameras caught her spanking her daughter. Inquiring moms want to know.

Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 06/17/2009


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