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Take Me Home from the Ballgame

This weekend has been jam packed with kids sporting activities - soccer for my son - who incidentally, scored another goal for his team and for my daughter, who normally takes part in single participant sports, she took the leap and decided to play softball.

If you're a mom of a fourth grade softball player then here's a little tip. Bring snacks and make sure there's a bathroom nearby. Why do you ask? Because the game lasts what seems like an eternity. When my son and I arrived to watch the game, I caught the girls warming up in their cute green uniforms that were sponsored by Stop and Shop. Meanwhile, their competitors were in full on baseball uniforms with no sponsors whatsoever - guess nobody wanted the exposure or the parents didn't want to spoil their outfits with the name of an auto body shop.

Anyway, the girls migrated over to the field and as I looked for my petite daughter, I was dismayed to find she had been benched for the first inning (too many girls on the team). And then, the game officially started.

The pitcher seemed pretty steady at first, striking out a few players and walking several more, while the girls in the field stared off into space. In that first inning, no one actually made contact with the ball yet girls wound up on bases and started stealing them without anyone trying to tag them out.

By the second inning, things got worse. Not only did the pitcher walk more players, but she accidentally hit two of them. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt but I couldn't understand why they just couldn't take her out of the game since the other team was scoring runs without having to hit the ball and the poor girls in the infield and outfield were pretty much watching the grass grow.

And then finally, things changed, our team got their turn at bat and miraculously, they started hitting balls out of the infield. These girls were terrific! Unfortunately, my daughter struck out the first time but in her second turn at bat, she walked and as a result, got to run around the bases and head home when one of her teammates hit an in the park home run.

By the fourth inning, my son was going stir crazy and already had pulled my husband over to take him to a tree to relieve himself and he had pretty much finished all the snacks I had brought for the game. Lucky for us, while softball normally lasts six innings, the game was called on account of dusk.

All in all, softball was slow and semi-enjoyable. I love watching my daughter in her cute uniform and am hoping that in the next few weeks, we'll see her knock one out of the park - or at least somewhere that lands her a base hit.

Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 09/21/2008


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