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Raised in a Cave

Just threw my son's 6th birthday bash yesterday and for the most part, it was a smashing success.  While it was a little chaotic searching for parents and their kids entering an amusement park with presents in tow, I managed to find most of the partygoers and hand out over a dozen free ride wristbands within 20 minutes.  Realizing I forgot to add two more kids to the party list  - yes, I did not keep a running list - I quickly raced about a half mile to the other side of the park to buy two more passes.

When I returned to the picnic area and attempted to catch my breath, I noticed that everyone had arrived and then I saw them.  One mom who I really don't care for was standing away from the group with her husband and I walked over and politely said hello.  At which point, I was given the third degree.  

"Are you paying for parking?"
"Are you buying wristbands for the parents?"
"Are you providing food for the parents?"

After I attempted a fake smile and quickly answered "No" to all three of their rapid fire questions, I glanced around and saw a lot of kids leaving the table and racing around the picnic tent.  At which point, Mr. Annoying asked his next probing question:

"Is anyone supervising these kids?"

I gave him a look like I could rip his head right off his shoulders and proceeded to ignore his question and called out to the kids to return to the table so we could serve cake.  This party was one of those "Wham bam thank you Mam" events - you ate first, and then went on kiddy rides the rest of the afternoon so right after the kids inhaled hot dogs, hamburgers and fries, it was birthday cake time.

Kids were still racing around the room (including the son of Mr. Annoying).  And then I heard that agitating question once again.

"Who is supervising these kids?"

To which I replied, "The parents are supposed to supervise their own kids.  That's the reason why this isn't a drop off party (though I wanted to add "you ass" to the conversation but refrained from insulting him).

My husband sensed the irritation in my voice and instantly came over to defend my actions and at that point, I figured we were finished dealing with Mr. and Mrs. Annoying.

But then, they did the unthinkable.  They actually did it last year on one of my couches and I was thoroughly grossed out but this time, they took it one step further.  No, they didn't have sex in front of everyone, they proceeded to change their one year old's dirty diaper on top of a picnic table where other unsuspecting kids were going to be celebrating another birthday party that day.

Ewwww!!!  What the heck is wrong with these people?   Who would change a child's dirty diaper on a picnic table?  Ummm, that would be the same people who did the same thing last year in the middle of my son's 5th birthday celebration on top of my brand new loveseat.  

The icing on the cake so to speak came later in the day when I was browsing through the photos from my son's party. Though I didn't have enough time to take that many pics, a friend of mine offered to take a photo of my family around the birthday cake.  Sure enough, when I went to take a look at the pictures, guess who was sporting a toothless grin right along with us?  Mr. and Mrs. Annoying's son!!!   I've officially decided these people have been raised in a cave and have no clue about kiddy party etiquette.  And trust me, next year, they won't have to worry about parental supervision at my son's birthday party.  Why do you ask?  Simple, because they won't be invited back!!!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 05/18/2008


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