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Obama's Favorite Book...

My daughter was working on a harmless homework assignment about the presidential campaign and showed me a page that I thought had to be mentioned on my blog. The page featured favorite things of each of the candidates and at first, I really wasn't surprised. John McCain's favorite food is chocolate while Obama's is chili. McCain's favorite TV show is "24" (who knew?) and Obama's? Sportscenter - typical male.

Favorite heroes:
McCain: Teddy Roosevelt
Obama: Martin Luther King Jr.

But then, I came upon their favorite book and that's what disturbed me.
McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls (Ernest Hemingway)
Obama: The Biography of Malcolm X

What the? I mean, I saw the Denzel Washington movie (aka Spike Lee) and maybe Malcolm X had good intentions and all, but his movement did lead to a lot of radical stuff. Should I be concerned that this is Obama's favorite book of all time? Or just leave it at that? I don't know but a person's favorite books, favorite ministers, and friends all having questionable connections doesn't sit well with me.

I refuse to sit out of this election but I have to say between Obama and McCain, they are making it very hard for me to make a decision that I feel comfortable with. Memo to Hillary: time to dust off the pant suits and run on the Independent ticket!!!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 09/10/2008


  • Thanks Kim for weighing in. From what I remember from the movie, Malcolm X was a positive force but those around him went in a dangerous direction. I guess I should read the book and then decide for myself. It's a good thing Nov. 4 is still almost 2 months away!

  • There was much more to Malcolm X than most people who have not read about his entire life think. If people were to examine his entire life, they would see that he evolved as a person and that near the end of his life, he understood what true Muslim belief was about and advocated relationships across all races. (I'm a Christian, not a Muslim, but I can appreciate/find inspiration in anyone's growth.)

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