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No Soup for You

Over the last few days I've felt like a tourist in my own hometown. And let me tell you something - it does not feel good. The reason - I have a distinct feeling that several places in Manhattan purposely like to take advantage of unsuspecting travelers by overcharging them during the holiday season.

Our first culprit - the Soup Man located right near Grand Central Station and Fifth Avenue. If you were a fan of Seinfeld then you might remember the owner of the establishment as the "Soup Nazi." Well, it's a good thing the owner wasn't in the store today. You see, while we were about to spend an afternoon in Manhattan, we decided to grab a bowl of soup before we hit Bryant Park. Little did we know that we would be charged over $60 for five bowls of soup, a few crusts of bread, fruit and drinks. We could have sooner enjoyed a steak dinner for that amount of money, but instead, after mis-reading the menu board, we placed our order and I almost lost my lunch after I saw the price.

If you happen to walk into the Soup Man - then soup lover beware. While all the prices show discounts for a cup of soup, there are no "cups" in sight. In fact, they only show bowls, pints and quarts on the counter. And bowls of soup start at $8.99! And while the Soup Man has a decent reputation, the soup was not that spectacular.

Next tourist trap of the day - The M&M World store. Don't get me wrong - I love an entire wall of chocolate just like the next guy, but after being herded into this three story attraction and feeling as if I were on a cattle line, my daughter proceeded to fill a bag full of multicolor M&M's until she realized she was about to pay $12 for a bag of candy that would normally cost 1/4 as much in the supermarket. And then, when we tried to leave the store, we were informed by security that we had to walk through the entire place to exit because we were not allowed to exit through the entrance. After attempting to fight the crowd for 10 seconds, we dismissed the directive and made our way out a door which didn't have a crowd of 100 people in front of it.

Other ridiculous Disney like attractions to steer clear of - the Charmin bathroom experience on Broadway. I mean, I am a self professed bathroom aficionado, but to ride an escalator that deposits me on a line with nearly 200 people just gives me bad flashbacks of losing a Fast Pass at Disney World and having to endure those lines that go on for eternity.

Don't get me wrong - there were some highlights to the trip - which I'll share in the Just for Fun section at Lifetime Moms. Our favorite hot spots this year were Bryant Park and the Nintendo World Store. We also loved being entertained by two incredibly talented guys on the street who were performing for the crowds on Fifth avenue by playing a drum set and a bunch of buckets. It doesn't take much to make us happy this holiday season - just do us a favor and don't rip us off!!!

Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 11/26/2009


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