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My Love Affair With...My Computer

ist2_1246166_computer_love-1.jpgNow here's a newsflash every blogging mom I know can relate to...in a new survey, women admit that they spend more time with their computer than their husband, friends (that would be real life not online) and kids!

The survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive for Wellgate for Women found that ninety-six percent of women who work in an office claim to like or love their computer, with the average woman spending nearly triple the amount of time daily with her computer than she spends with her significant other (9.3 hours compared to 3.6 hours). This PC romance is not only taking a toll on women's relationships but also on their physical health.

About one in five female office workers said they experience wrist pain while typing or using a mouse. Personally, I just ignore that nagging pain in my wrists and keep on typing, facebook-ing and twittering. But for those of you who are in serious pain, Wellgate for Women has created the Slimfit Wrist Support so women can relieve pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Available nationwide at most major mass retailers including Target, Wal-Mart and Kmart, the line of products range from $10.99 - $25.99. For more information or to purchase the products visit www.wellgateproducts.com.

To make you feel more guilty about all that time you're spending with your keyboard and monitor, the survey found that female adults who work in an office actually spend more time with their computer than they do:
Shopping (62%)
Exercising (79%)
Being outdoors (62%)
With friends (58%)
Taking care of personal hygiene (43%)
With family (41%)

Judging from the size of my butt and the fact that I now wait at least two days to wash my hair (that was a tip from celebrity hair stylist Luke O'Connor), I tend to agree that this survey is right on the money.

Do you spend more time with your computer than your family? We want to know! Share your story and you could be a winner!

Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 11/13/2008


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