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Go New Ro Go!

30_new_york_new_rochelle.jpgWhile perusing Facebook tonight, one of my friends posted a fabulous link which validated the reason why I love my neighborhood. It turns out Business Week named New Rochelle the #1 place for New Yorkers to raise a family. How cool is that? Ever since we've moved here I've always found myself defending my fair city to others who always give the obligatory "oh" when I tell them where I live and then add their ignorant comment, "How are the schools there? Aren't you worried about the middle school and high school?"

Well, as a mom of two kids who are attending the local public school, things have been going just fine. My two children are challenged, they enjoy their classes, amazing teachers and after school activities (my daughter takes needlepoint, crochet and ceramics while my son has opted for culinary class) and they've also joined several of the local New Rochelle teams including softball, soccer, little league and basketball.

But my favorite part about our slice of suburbia that's just outside the city are the people who I have become friends with over the last decade. Nearly every person I meet is down to earth, wants the best for their kids, will reprimand them when they've done the "wrong" thing and are some of the nicest people I have ever met. And even cooler are the New Ro sweatshirts that a few of the local teams have been selling this year. As a proud resident of New Ro, I'm thrilled that Business Week has given us the ultimate shout out...I guess the Dick Van Dyke show was onto something back in the day. So if you are contemplating moving out here, you can tell those snobby naysayers that they can keep their uptight towns and villages - I'll take New Rochelle every day of the week.

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Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 11/13/2008


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