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Countdown to Camp

So we are T minus two weeks until sleepaway camp and today, since we only had one soccer game and a supermarket run - and completely spaced on my son's daycamp orientation, I spent several hours shopping for more required items for my daughter's four week getaway.

Meanwhile, my friends who are pros at this have been packed and ready for weeks and their camps are actually picking up their trunks in two days! Thankfully, we get to load my daughter up with her bags when we ship her off on June 28 so that gives me more time to buy a lot more stuff.

Today we loaded up on Soffe shorts - for anyone who doesn't know about Soffe shorts, they're mini gym shorts that are all the rage and at $8 a pair, they're at least one item that doesn't break the bank.

On the pricier side were the speedo bathing suits I snatched up at two different stores. And even though both locations were running a sale, my daughter had better be fit into those suits for at least two seasons. Hey you never know - that Olympian-approved swimwear should come in handy during color war.

Next, we stocked up on 20 pairs of underwear and socks, and then hit the linen store where we picked out a satiny comforter, sheets with 200 thread count, cheap towels, bath mat, a mattress pad and and a new pillow. By the time we were done, the shopping bags filled my entire trunk and I wondered how we were going to fit everything into her bags.

When we returned, I lugged everything upstairs to my daughter's room, laid everything out on the bed, grabbed an ink stamp with her name on it and started to go to town labeling everything in sight.

I then shoved everything into both of her trunks - at this rate you'd think she was sailing the Queen Mary for a month - and miraculously, everything fit. We still do have a few more things to pick up, but I have to say, I am pretty relieved that we're more them halfway packed.

Wait a second. I still have to buy toiletries, shoes, sneakers, sandals, more t-shirts, a few dresses, jeans and pajamas - and there's only one more weekend left to shop! For all the moms like me busy packing camp trunks, here's hoping I'm not the only one who is behind the eight ball.

Posted in: Role Mommy Confessions on 06/13/2009


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