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firefly-lane1.jpgLet me just say that I get most of my best book picks from two places - my girlfriends on my 8:48 commuter train and my mom. So when mom was raving about Firefly Lane, a new book she was reading while we were aboard our Princess Cruise, I told her if she loved it that much, then why not write a review for Role Mommy. And guess what, Role Bubbe came through with flying colors.

In the summer of 1974 Kate Mularkey meets Tullah (Tully) Hart. They become BFF.
Tully is raised by her grandmother. Tully's mother is a pot smoking hippie who manages to come back into Tully's life when she takes her to live on Firefly Lane. After a traumatic incident, Tully and Kate become best friends.

Tully is driven by her desire to be famous, while Kate although claims to want the same thing as Tully just wants to be a wife and mother.

Firefly Lane is set in Washington State and is a wonderful story of two women who share a 30 year friendship. Loving the music of ABBA and Fleetwood Mac makes this novel a must for all those who came of age in the 70's and later - it is also a terrific read for anyone with a close girlfriends and most of all, should be shared with your best friend.

Posted in: Blog, Book Club on 03/06/2010


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