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Robin Givens Can't Pee in Peace Either

"Hello Beth! I am sitting at the airport and reading your book. How wonderful. Soooo funny and soooo meaningful. I've read the "Cinderella Syndrome" 3 times! It was such a pleasure to meet you and talk and laugh. Congratulations on your book, once again!"
?Actress and author Robin Givens

Just got the chance to shoot the breeze with actress Robin Givens - a single mom of two and former actress, turned stay at home mom, turned author, turned actress and potential talk show host. We had a great time with all the moms who attended - including Liz with Mom-101, Kim at Travelingmom.com, Mardene, my girlfriend from the 8:48 and a friend who's a new mom and about to return to maternity leave. Time to start doing more girls night's out with celebrities.

Posted in: Blog, Peeing in Peace on 03/06/2008


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