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Question of the Day - Can you legally adopt a monkey?

The discussion in the car this morning drifted to an important topic. Can we own a monkey and if so, is it legal to do so?
After consulting Google, we happened upon a website that says that if you live in New York City, then no, you cannot legally own a monkey. However, if you reside in New York State, then the laws governing ownership of a monkey are much more lenient so you may be able to actually adopt one and raise it as a pet.
Now here's the next question - where could you even find a monkey to adopt one and if you find one, can monkeys even be housebroken? Plus, I'm sure it costs a boatload to own a monkey - could we rent him out at parties and Bar Mitzvahs and re-coup our expenses? We already have a name picked out. Boynton - for the hippest senior citizen community near West Palm Beach Florida. Now all we need is a monkey. Or we can always stick with the stuffed variety - they're cheaper to buy and easier to clean up after anyway.
Is there a pet your kids are begging you to buy for them?

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Posted in: Blog on 03/15/2008


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