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Privacy is Underrated

Without fail, the moment I step into my house after a busy day at the office, my kids think that it's their signal to pounce on "Mommy." I can't even take my coat off with one of them telling me what I did wrong even though I wasn't home. "Mommy - why weren't you at my swim class today, all the other moms were?" Try to finagle your way out of that one - sure I made sure his dad watched him two days earlier in the same swim class (since they gave parents two options to watch their little fish perform), but that didn't count. Mommy wasn't there to clap for your doggy paddle so now I'm officially in your version of the dog house.
Oh, but it gets better. As I walk up the stairs to sneak away to my bathroom, my son's footsteps follow me in the distance. "MOMMY, WHERE ARE YOU???" "I'm hiding, where do you think I am?"
After prancing into my bedroom and swinging open the bathroom door, he finds me, sitting on my throne and thoroughly annoyed that I've once again been interrupted by my little prince.
"I SEE MOMMY'S PRIVACY!" Uh. Doesn't anybody knock anymore?
I think it's officially time to put a deadbolt in my bathroom or a plant a huge Do Not Disturb outside the door...then again - the kid can't read yet, so a kiddy proof lock will do just fine.

Posted in: Blog, Kiddy Commentary on 02/08/2007


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