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Take Back the Kitchen: Alma's Leftover Black bean Pasta with Sausage and Roasted Squash

alma1.JPG To avoid the extra weight that I always seem to put on in the winter, I am switching my pasta to a healthier ad more delicious one. I discovered black bean pasta at Costco and am now a convert! 2 out of my 4 kids will eat it as well as my husband and that speaks volumes about it's pleasing texture and flavor. Look for it in health food stores or google it. Try it with whatever you normally eat pasta and you be the judge! ... Read more

Posted in: *Recipes, Blog, Take Back the Kitchen on 10/21/2014

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Not Shop Till You Drop -- Saving Money on the Groceries

Even though it's important to provide your family with nutritious, tasty food, the weekly grocery shop is an expensive affair. The cost of living continues to grow, but the last thing any parent wants to do is compromise on food quality. ... Read more

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 10/13/2014

Get in the Game! Learn about School Lunch Nutrition and Possibly Win Some Money

sna-logo-colorSCOREBOARD-300dpi.jpg Today kicks off National School Lunch Week! Created by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, National School Lunch Week is a weeklong celebration of the school lunch program. School Nutrition Association members celebrate in their cafeterias every year with decorations, special menus, events and more. The 2014 theme is "Get in the Game with School Lunch." It's about encouraging kids to find a balance between healthy eating and physical activity. This year's theme recognizes the importance of eating well and getting active!... Read more

Posted in: *Inspiring Moms, Blog, Everyday Health Corner, Role Mommy Recommends on 10/09/2014

No Bow Necessary

English: Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Broncos American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)When Kansas City Chief's safety Husain Abdullah was flagged for kneeling in prayer after his pick six touchdown against the New England Patriots, voices of protest...... Read more

Posted in: Blog, Role Daddy, Soap Box with Darin Feldman on 10/02/2014

Take Back the Kitchen: Alma's Homemade Shrimp Lo Mein

LoMein.JPG When my 14 year old has a food request, I like to honor it. There is not much that this teen and I can agree upon in these trying teen years so I try to work some magic in the kitchen to make the household a bit more Beaver-Cleaver-like. She meticulously removed the carrots but besides that, it made her night. I hope you like it!... Read more

Posted in: *Recipes, Blog, Take Back the Kitchen on 09/29/2014

Protect Your Teeth with Colgate® Enamel Health™

photo (54).JPG Here at Role Mommy, we talk about lots of things -- our hopes, our aspirations, funny moments from our lives, and today, we're going to tackle toothpaste! Yes, the one thing I do the moment I wake up is brush my teeth. The second is drink a piping hot cup of coffee. Now I bet you're probably thinking, what does brushing your teeth have anything to do with drinking coffee? Well, what if I told you that I recently discovered a toothpaste that actually protects the enamel on your teeth so that you can feed that coffee addiction and not worry about those unsightly stains?... Read more

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog on 09/27/2014

Plus: Second Chances, Take Back the Kitchen: Alma's Curried Chicken Salad, Back at School: Creating a Healthier Next Generation, Back to School Savings with Walmart, and even more in the archives!

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