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10 Way to Help Your Child on Their College Search

The last year and change has been quite challenging to say the least. You see, this is the crucial year where our daughter has embarked on her college search. The process if you are new to this game is daunting to say the least but it doesn't have to be. As long as you have the tools to help your child succeed, find scholarships and prepare for standardized tests that could potentially help them earn merit money towards their dream school, as a parent, you can help be their guide as they navigate this exciting journey in their lives. While some parents hire college search advisors or even a wordsmith to edit their essay, we're keeping it old school with my daughter relying on the advice of her guidance counselor, teachers she admires and respects and once in a while, her mom for helping her decipher through the clutter to find what's best for her.... Read more

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 07/17/2016

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tumblr_nwp1i9WUIH1u1xbygo1_500.gif With Mother's Day right around the corner, Sittercity, the nation's pioneer in online childcare, surveyed moms about their real thoughts on the day. While 80% of moms spend Mother's Day with their family, the same percentage often don't feel the day is actually about them...... Read more

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 04/28/2016

That Time I Got Invited to the White House

meathewhitehouse.jpg If anyone would have ever told me back in 2005 when I started Role Mommy that my mission to inspiring parents to pursue their passion while raising a family would have eventually led to me attending an event at the White House, I would have told them they were nuts. But that was then, when I was still climbing the ladder at a corporate job with two little kids in tow.... Read more

Posted in: Blog, TV on 03/17/2016

Remember Hunting for Hidden Pictures in the Highlights Magazine as a Kid?

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.03.59 PM.png Perhaps your family received the magazine at home each month or read it in the doctor's office. Either way, Highlights for Children has been a part of many of our childhoods. Devoted fans know that the Hidden Pictures puzzle has always been on Page 14. It's still there after 70 years! Can you believe no two puzzles have ever been repeated? ... Read more

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog on 02/12/2016

Acer Cloudbook Review: Affordable Computers for Your Middle Schooler

acer-aspire-one-cloudbook.jpg When it comes to computer usage in our home, I have to admit, we are all hopelessly addicted. My husband and I rely on our computers for both of our businesses (yes, two entrepreneurs living under one roof can be stressful to say the least). My daughter, who is a junior in high school is always using her computer for homework, research, group chats, Netflix streaming and much more. And then there's my son. As an eighth grader, we've made it clear that we won't be investing in an expensive computer for him until he heads to high school but he does still need one to complete homework assignments and projects.... Read more

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog on 12/19/2015

Amazing Holiday Giveaway Alert...Introducing Canvas Pop!

FullSizeRender (10).jpg If you are like me and have thousands of photos of your family on your phone, your hard drive, CD's and SIM cards but have never actually taken the time to create albums or even framed photos for you or your loved ones, I am here to say, stop digitally hoarding those photos and take five minutes out of your day today to order a holiday gift for yourself or your parents that will literally blow them away.... Read more

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog on 12/13/2015

Plus: Join @ClassyMommy @ExtraordinaryMommy & Me this Monday, November 16 for a Holiday Shopping Twitter Party with iConsumer, 5 Tech Time Savers This Holiday Season, Gorgeous Fall Flowers with Bloomsy Box, PARTNERS IN CREAM...THE STORY BEHIND MY LATEST BUSINESS VENTURE, and even more in the archives!

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