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Post Hurricane Reflections

ocean.jpegAs a New Yorker who is lucky enough to not have suffered any damage or lost power due to Hurricane Sandy, I want to just say that I have been pretty amazed by people who don't live in the Northeast who have no clue about how badly people are faring.

I've been watching wall to wall news coverage - much like I did after September 11 and it is truly heartbreaking. From the family who shared their harrowing story of escaping from the burning home in Breezy Point, NY (over 111 homes have burned to the ground so far) to the woman sobbing as she shared with Governor Chris Christie that she had lost her husband and her son and now she lost all the memories of them since everything in her home has been completely destroyed. It was so tragic to see the faces of complete devastation.

People have been on gas lines for hours. Beach communities like Long Beach have no power and are about to have their water turned off because it has been contaminated. And a lot of our friends are without power and have no idea when it's going to be turned back on because telephone poles with transformers attached to them fell, crashed to the ground and blew up.

So what do you do if you don't live near here and can't relate to what people are going through? Don't dismiss it as if everything is fine. Unfortunately, it's not. The aftermath of this storm is continuing - fires are starting due to gas leaks, water is still being pumped out of subways, tunnels and homes and you can't even drive into Manhattan unless three or more people are in your car.

Did I mention that over 50 people have died -- including the children of a poor mother whose babies were swept away when she tried to protect them from the storm? Another couple died while they were walking their dog. And two young boys were killed when a tree hit the home they were seeking shelter in.

This storm is not a laughing matter and shouldn't be taken lightly. Homes and businesses have been destroyed. Lives have been lost. It will take billions of dollars to repair the damage. So please, take a moment and think about the people who have been directly affected by this tragedy. You may be safe and sound in your home but unfortunately, weather is unpredictable and every corner of our globe has experienced devastation in its wake. The northeast and its residents were the latest victim and all I can say is, if you don't live nearby and weren't home hearing the wind, water and fire rip apart neighborhoods, then say a prayer, make a donation and trim your trees!

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions, Undercover Mom on 10/31/2012


  • I think this is so true. It seems like disasters catch our attention for a short time and then, unless we are personally affected, the rest of us go back to our lives with a default "disconnect" about what happened. It's difficult to sustain a complete picture of the impact and the ongoing problems. I guess it's just human nature to want to think (a) it wasn't so bad, and (b) it could never happen to us. Living on the other side of the continent as I do, our big threat on the West Coast is earthquakes. Hurricane Sandy helped me realize that I have been in denial, putting off proper planning for natural disaster. So last week, I committed to getting prepared and I decided to blog the process. I want to share ideas and motivation with other moms preparing for the unthinkable. Please come visit at www.whatsshakingblog.com.

    By taking this action, I'm hoping that the tragedies of Hurricane Sandy will not be forgotten and, if possible, help prevent future ones.

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