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The Stage Mom

​ I just allowed my daughter to sign up for one of those iCarly auditions and something tells me I'm about to step into the scary scary world of stage moms.  Let me just state for the record that yes, my dream at one point in my life was to become a star on Broadway but after receiving one too many rejections, I ditched those fantasies and became a publicist instead.  Woo hoo.

And so, my precocious daughter, who just turned nine in April appears to be following in my footsteps but this time, she's taking matters into her own hands.  After watching one of her favorite Nickelodeon shows, "Drake and Josh" (which I secretly love too), she raced up the stairs to inform me that she wanted to call some 800 number so she could audition for a Nickelodeon show.  At first, I figured, sure go for it, she'll never get through and that conversation will be over before it started.  And so, she dialed and wound up being connected to the wrong number.  Bummer, we had missed our chance.

Not so fast...about 30 minutes later, our phone rang and one of my daughter's friends informed her that she was going on an audition for iCarly!  My daughter looked at me after she heard the news and was pretty perplexed that she screwed up the phone number so I told her to ask her friend for the correct phone and she dialed again.  And guess what?  She got through!  Which means we are headed this Sunday to Secaucus, New Jersey (lucky me) where we'll probably be crammed with several hundred kids who think they're going to get their big break when all they're going to do is spend the night not getting on TV. 

Who am I kidding - I've been to casting calls.  In fact I've even publicized a few for a bunch of reality shows.  And now my daughter and I are going to be joining a legion of stage moms and their kids near the outlet capital of the Garden State.  I guess I shouldn't be so pessimistic - who knows, maybe Rebecca will be the next big Nick star.  I mean, I used to believe I was going to make it way back when.  I guess it's Rebecca's turn to give stardom a try and I'm just going to watch from the sidelines and cheer her on.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 06/04/2008


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  • Punched-In The-Head


    My name is Anna and your posting really resonated with me. It sounds like you have great ambitions with your daughter.

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