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Poetry for Kids: Suzie Bitner was afraid of the Drain

StoreCover.jpgThere's something I don't think I've shared with our faithful Role Mommy readers - I'm a poetry fanatic. In fact, I've been reading and writing poetry since I was in the third grade and I truly appreciate great poems written just for kids. Which is why when I discovered @SuzieBitner on Twitter and learned she was actually the name of a poem written by illustrator and poet Barbara Vance, I had to find out more.

After a quick twitter exchange, Barbara and I connected and she sent me her book to read and I have to say, I've been smiling ever since. Even more exciting, I've shared her poetry with my 8 and 11 year old and she's got them laughing too. Here's a cute verse, that's short and sweet and had us chuckling (especially since we're suckers for penguins):

A Penguin's Perspective
Said one penguin to another
"This cold weather's not for me.
If it weren't for my egg here,
I'd be off in Waikiki!"

suzie.jpgThere are 124 poems in the illustrated book that is bound to tickle the funny bone of kids of all ages. Read them with your kids and laugh or your older ones can curl up with Suzie Bitner and read it before they head for bed. If your kids are just learning to write poetry, this is a great way to get them immersed in content that they can connect with and enjoy as they learn the art of rhyme!

To order a copy of Suzy Bitner was afraid on the Drain, visit Amazon today and if you'd like to find out more about Barbara Vance, visit her at the Suzie Bitner website.

Posted in: Blog, Children's Books on 06/09/2010


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