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Bad Behavior - Co Comment Challenge Week II

Thumbnail image for 120x90 copy.pngThe Co comment parenting challenge continues and today if you comment, you can still win cash prizes (we'll be announcing winners by the end of the month) so get ready to read my latest post and comment if you can relate!

Bad Behavior...

Funny how when you're not with your kids, you become completely attune to the way other parents interact with their own children. And then you start to wonder...do I do that too? While we spent a few days away from our daughter and son, we've managed to eat in restaurants with screaming kids, we had pancakes next to a quartet of the rudest girls I've ever seen, and we noticed one woman in a book store who seemed to have a permanent frown on her face as she hissed at her daughter for being nasty to her.

Of course, since we were sans kids, we were able to pass judgement easily - why don't those people tell their kids to stop throwing goldfish at the seagulls so that the beach isn't overrun with dirty birds? Why won't that woman take her wailing child out of this restaurant so that we all don't have to hear her complain about not getting to play with the ketchup? Why would four of the rudest girls I've ever seen give a waitress such a hard time about ordering in a timely fashion and then leave in a huff because she politely asked them to clear out if all they were doing was taking up table space? And why would a mom tell her tween daughter to "Keep her attitude in check" when the pair were in a bookstore and the child couldn't decide what beach read to buy?

Honestly, nowadays it feels like parents (yes myself included) are in desperate need of discipline lessons or an intervention from the Supernanny. As I mentally took note of kids misbehaving at every age level, what got me really concerned was that if a child acts out of turn their entire life, they can grow up to be a nasty adult who wears oversized glasses, carries a $500 purse and a look that says, "Don't stare at me or I'll say something very nasty to you."

The one thing I did take away from our respite away from our kids was that no matter what, I do not want them to grow up rude. And that means, we need to be on hand to discipline them when they're out of line - but not be completely nasty so that they mimic our rude behavior - and commend and maybe even reward them when they've played by the rules. I'm no parenting expert but all I can say is I've seen way too many kids this weekend, who were downright mean and disrespectful. When we drove back to my parents house to pick up my well-behaved children (joke), my time away made me realize that it's never too late to make our kids aware that it's time to keep that bad behavior under wraps, otherwise, one day down the road, they may get kicked out of a pancake house for having a bad attitude.

Have you had a run-in with rude kids and even ruder parents? Or do you have advice on how to deal with nasty children. Comment now and share your story

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 08/17/2008


  • ok when kids are bad well you see thay know as to who and what thay can get a way with and when thay can and cant well get a way with some thing and welli think all children as well as us grown up's are like that and well its just part of life and one must learn how to be on that right side and not the worng one thanks

  • I wonder sometimes if it's a fear of others that keep parents from disciplining their children outside of the home. I've seen my share of rudeness and I've also done my share. However, this story still disturbs me and it was from a few years ago when I was a waitress at Denny's. This family had come in and while enjoying their dinner, one of their little ones began to disrupt things. The mother, trying to be discrete (in my opinion) took her child to the bathroom (instead of doing it in front of everyone) and proceeded to give him a spanking after not heeding her warnings at the table. Not a minute later one of my coworkers was on the phone calling the police because of this mother's action to spank her child. Come on now...really? It's not like she was abusing the child! I was bewildered because I had grown up with spankings and am to this day very appreciative of them (not that they didn't hurt like heck). I learned very early of how I was suppose to act. If I interrupted a conversation with mommy, mommy, mommy, or other over repeated phrases while mom or day were in a conversation I was given a spanking and whatever I was asking for (probably to have a friend over after church) I didn't get it. However, my parents also always, ALWAYS waited til we were home or took me to a closet (in our church basement) etc before doing the spanking...which is, in my opinion, what should be done. You can discipline your children without humiliating them in front of everyone and making a scene. Also, the child needs to be told why he/she is being disciplined and told that they are loved but they also need to learn that there are things you just don't do.

    Oh and by the way... I still to this day do not interrupt people.

  • I am in the business of behavior. I am an educator (for 15 years) and my product encourages appropriate behavior in a fun way.

    I feel that when children are taught how to behave properly and are encouraged to do so from an early age, they know what is expected of them. Children look to their parents as role models, and will do as they are shown more often than what they are told.

    Children learn best from modeling (and I don't mean the runway kind). When adults model polite, respectful behavior, kids will in turn be polite and respectful. Of course, there will be times when they need reminding, but when there is a solid foundation, getting them back on track is a bit easier.

  • Hello!

    I do see kids that are rude on occasion, but in a lot of ways, I cant blame the child, I blame the parents. And to be honest, I often think....that kid maybe needs a nap, had a bad day, maybe is down about something, I dont attribute it automatically to just a bad KID.

    I only know my daughter. And I know when she is acting up and I will immediatly stop whatever she is doing. If that is by bringing her home, taking her aside, trying to calm her down. I dont rule by fear, but I also do not let her walk on me. I am the mom, she is the child. SHe listens, or we leave.

    HOwever, im probably the mom you also see in the store w/ one kid under her arm walking out like its no big deal that their kid is screaming bloody murder. I dont let it get to me at all.

    I can say from experiance that if you let a bratty kid get thier way, just so you dont have to deal with it, you have a bratty adult..my sister is one.



  • I have one word for parents with rude and misbehaving children "KARATE."

    In Karate children learn respect and self-control. I know because I had a strong-willed child who was very disrespectful. Since enrolling him in Karate he is a different child and a pleasure to take out in the public!

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