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Family Chores Made Easier with the OurHome App

10426140_10152487772315205_9031606830961469536_n.jpg Whose turn is it to walk the dog? That seems to be the usual refrain in our house over the last 12 months since we adopted our beloved Santana. I know our two cats, Jasper and Hazel couldn't care less about the dog, how many times she gets walked or if she ever decides to make a break for it out of the house. They give me that disdainful look that says, "just make sure someone cleans up our damn litter box and have our food waiting for us at 6:30 am sharp!". My son's bearded dragon, Guapo doesn't seem to share that same contempt for Santana, as his daily activities have been relatively unaffected by her adoption. Get fed mealworms, scoff down a little lettuce, and bask under the heat lamp for the day. Despite being low maintenance, Guapo is a constant reminder to me every time I walk into son's room about how many things in our house, big or small, that require daily attention by our family.... Read more

Posted in: *Travel, Blog on 11/26/2014

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Don't just be a Mom. Be a Fit Mom!

shadow-unhappy-woman-on-scale-plus-size-nc.jpg Over the past year, I've had a few health setbacks that have caused me to put on weight at an unbelievable pace. Back in the spring, I threw out my knee and spent an entire week on the couch and then the next few months slowly making my way back to the gym. In fact, after that incident, I gave up Jazzercise since the activity was really causing my knee to ache. Then, last month, I woke up in excruciating pain and discovered I had two wisdom teet that were infected, impacted and had to be removed. There I was, back again on the couch and despite the fact that I could have lost weight on a liquid diet, I still managed to find ways to satisfy my sweet tooth. And so, as we get ready to start a new year, I'm faced with having to lose at least 15 pounds so I can fit back into my skinny jeans.... Read more

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog on 11/18/2014

Great App: Cheeky Chats Book of Empowering Wisdom for Girls of All Ages

CheekyChats_SShot_home_ipadR.png Cute Cats meet Girl Power in this interactive and inspiring book for girls featuring motivational quotes, examples of real life role models, cool facts and quiz games that build confidence, broaden horizons and encourage girls to believe in themselves and their abilities. ... Read more

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 11/17/2014

Candy Crush School

New York City will be lifting the ban on students bringing cell phones to school! Its a tremendous victory for the 5 boroughs, Mayor De Blasio and for kids and parents in the region. The significance of such a move, especially by New York city, can't be understated. Given the timing, I thought it would be a good idea for all communities to look at their school systems and see how educators can make mobile devices more meaningful and functional tools in our children's lives. Our country's economic fortunes start and finish with the investment we make in education, making it imperative for us to embrace technology and figure out how we can make our children more productive with it. While I have compiled a list of classes that I believe should be taught for students here in New Rochelle, they in no way are meant to be a "common core" curriculum for schools outside the area. I firmly believe that the technology needs differ by region and that the classes to be taught should be decided at the local level. With that being said, here is the list of classes I am proposing.... Read more

Posted in: Blog, Role Daddy on 11/04/2014

Support Women's Rights on Election Day

Women's Equality IMG_3787-Edit adj.jpg I'm not one to get too political on the Role Mommy blog, but as a female entrepreneur, I wanted to share information about new political party dedicated to supporting women's rights. For the first time ever, the Women's Equality Party will be voted on in New York and if it passes, it will be the first political party that can fight to ensure women are paid their fair dues, Roe is protected, pregnant women cannot be discriminated against at work, etc.... Read more

Posted in: Blog on 11/03/2014

Trying to lose weight? Here are some painless ways to do it!

shadow-unhappy-woman-on-scale-plus-size-nc.jpg As a mom, I seem to have an endless to-do list. From taking my kids to their daily activities, to making dinner, feeding the cats, the dog, the lizard and more. But while trying to keep my family members happy, oftentimes I forget about care of myself. For me, the one thing that always seems to fall by the wayside is my weight, While I try to go to the gym on a regular basis, I can be known to come up with a host of excuses as to why I can't make it there each morning. So when I'm not hitting the cardio machines or trying out a grueling pilates class, I've discovered five painless tips to lose weight. Give it a whirl and let me know if it works for you!... Read more

Posted in: *Product Reviews & Deals, Blog on 10/29/2014

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