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No More Writers Strike! Now Where's my McDreamy?

Now that Hollywood writers are going back to work, when do we get our shows back? All we can say is Hallelujah. While we are addicted to reality shows, it's a personal thrill to know that the gang from Grey's Anatomy will be back on the air again soon. Actually, if you thought you'd be able to flip on the tube and see a new episode of Grey's, or Desperate Housewives or CSI, well, think again. It's going to take writers a minimum of four weeks to write a script and then it'll take at least another month or two to actually see it on television. Translation: You won't be seeing your favorite comedies or dramas until at least April or May and we're not going to see the typical 22 shows for the season - it's now chopped down to 14 or 15. Thankfully, the networks are currently running new episodes of The New Adventures of Old Christine, Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia, and we even caught a fresh episode of Brothers and Sisters this weekend, but if you're hoping to see your faves come back soon, you might want to take up reading. To return to Role Mommy, click here

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Posted in: Blog on 02/12/2008


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