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New Weight Loss Plan We Can Stomach...The Five Bite Diet

While cruising around this morning we found out about a new diet that we actually might try today while we're on the run with our kids. The Five Bite Diet, is a new revolutionary plan of a weight loss doctor who released a new book called Why Weight Around? The approach is simple - eat five bites of whatever you want at any meal and then after a while, you'll lose weight! That means if you're at McDonald's today, you can eat 3 bites of a quarter pounder and 2 bites of fries and then slurp down an entire diet coke (gotta love fountain soda). If you're having pizza, then five bites of a slice and you're set. Key Lime Pie - you guessed it - five bites - for a meal and that pie is your breakfast. Of course, after the fifth bite you might be craving a sixth, but put down that fork and give it a try!
I always marvel at my incredibly fit daughter who manages to eat a morsel of her favorite foods but stops eating when she's full (usually after five bites) and then gets busy with one of her favorite activities. Maybe that's the answer - I'm hitting the deli today for five bites of a hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut! To return to our home page, click here.

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Posted in: Blog on 02/16/2008


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