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Calling all Type A Moms!!!
Do you think your little one is a genius in the making? Then do we have the perfect product for you...
The call for improved literacy in children is a critical national objective and early learning skills are essential to that success. To address this objective (Smart Kids®) Penton Overseas, Inc. has released the newly updated and expanded version of their proven and award-winning educational DVD program ?Your Baby Can Read!? An early language development system for children ages 3 months to 5 years, ?Your Baby Can Read!? includes five easy-to-use, interactive DVDs, five double-sided interactive sliding word and picture cards, one wipe-clean word card and one erasable non-toxic pen. This remarkable infant reading program, and its founder, Dr. Robert Titzer, have captured the attention of educators, researchers, parents and government agencies worldwide. ?Your Baby Can Read!? was developed by Dr. Titzer, a prominent professor and expert infant researcher, as a way to give his daughter, Aleka, an early start in reading skills. The results were astonishing. By her first birthday, she could read more than 100 words. By age two Aleka regularly read 10-20 books a day and by age four, she could read at the 11th grade level phonetically, on par with a 16-year-old. ?The results were so dramatic, I knew I had to bring this system to all families who want to give their kids a head start on literacy,? says Dr. Titzer. Based on years of Ph.D. research in Human Performance at Indiana University, his unique program is a natural method of teaching infants and toddlers the written word at the same time they are learning the spoken word.
Here?s what satisfied parents say about ?Your Baby Can Read!? ?My baby loved watching these videos and I was flabbergasted when I found he understood the written words when I showed him the word cards?These videos teach reading in the way babies learn best?by making it fun.? ? Dr. Julia Moravcsik ?Your Baby Can Read!? is engaging and fun for toddlers. The characters are easy for children to identify with and there is plenty of repetition to aid the learning process. The videos are a delightful addition to the tools available for parents who want to stimulate their child?s cognitive development.? -- Dr. Carolynne Manka ?At exactly one year of age our daughter Aureilla started anticipating the spoken words on the ?Your Baby Can Read!? videos. After we made flashcards, we realized she could actually do it! I felt as if my cat had started speaking!? --Jennifer Andison Studies prove that the ?natural window? of language development is 3 months to 5 years; while during that period, tens of thousands of synaptic connections are made each second in the brain, opening the door for increased learning capacity. The earlier a child learns to read, the more self-esteem and confidence they acquire, leading to better performance in school and beyond. A national panel of reading specialists and educators determined that most of the nation?s reading problems could be eliminated if children began reading earlier. The ?Your Baby Can Read!? program has successfully taught thousands of infants to read through its fun and interactive teaching methods. ?Your Baby Can Read!? teaches whole language and phonics using a combination of sound, sight and interaction. This multi-sensory technique helps a child grasp word recognition, leading to early reading success. Key to the program is teaching infants and toddlers the written language while learning spoken language, and as a result children learn phonics naturally. In addition to the DVDs and word cards, ?Your Baby Can Read!? includes a complete overview of the program and parental orientation by Dr. Titzer, plus parent testimonials. Also included is the ?Kids? Club,? featuring songs, poems, and fun word games that enhance the child?s learning experience. ?Your Baby Can Read!? is available for the incredible low price of only $79.95. For more information on ?Your Baby Can Read!? please call 877-881-READ or visit www.yourbabycan.com.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends on 02/16/2007


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