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I admit that I'm not the kind of parent who monitors everything my kids watch on TV and sometimes, when they don't go to bed as early as I'd like, I let them stay up and watch frivolous comedies like "Anchorman" and "Kicking and Screaming" featuring Will Ferrell, or the cult favorite "Napoleon Dynamite." Herein lies the problem. When your three year old repeats everything he hears, suddenly lines from the movies that you'd rather keep private are now in the public domain or in his case...pre-school. When he blurted out "It's so damn hot...milk was a bad choice," to his teacher and then chanted "Vote for Pedro" on a recent airplane trip and then last night shouted "Way to go Bing Bong," I realized it's time to either enforce his curfew or be subjected to a Disney marathon until he finally falls asleep

Posted in: Blog, Kiddy Commentary on 07/12/2006


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