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My son is having a grand old time as I chase him around in his bedroom so he'll put on his pajamas. As he pole vaults onto his bed and proceeds to start jumping up and down like a little maniac, I exclaim, "Cut that out because if you break your bed, who is going to pay to fix it?" My son looks me straight in the eye and says "I'll pay to fix the bed." "With what money, I ask?" "Oh, that's easy, with my monkey wallet!" Before heading to work the next day, I stop off at a coffee shop. As I rifle through my purse for cash, all I can find is the monkey wallet. While my son didn't use his stash to fix his mattress, he did help mommy pay for a bran muffin. No need to fret, I paid him back in full.

Posted in: Blog, Kiddy Commentary on 09/15/2006


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