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Michelle, My Belle

As a publicist/writer I am hereby tipping my PR hat to the press manager for Barack Obama. And let me tell you why. Just as the chips are down with Hillary Clinton, they start pumping up the volume on another working mom who clearly has the spirit, moxie and drive to stop team Clinton in their tracks. Her name? Michelle Obama. Today's NY Times had an incredible profile of Mrs. Obama and from the looks of it, she scored a home run. While her husband won't tip his hand about selecting Hillary as a running mate, his wife seems more skeptical and won't endorse her so quickly.
When it comes to Role Mommies, Michelle Obama is quickly approaching the top of my list. While her kids come first, she is a voice of inspiration for working women everywhere. It is okay to achieve incredible things in your career - just don't forget about your children along the way. No matter how insane her schedule is, she still has time for her #1 priority...her kids.
I don't know much about Michelle Obama but from what I've seen so far, I'm going to really like her if she makes it to the White House. If you want to find out about Michelle Obama, then watch the video below, or to return to Role Mommy, click here.

Posted in: Blog on 02/14/2008


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