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How to Make a Home Office Look Homey

I woke up this morning determined to give myself a makeover. And so, I hit the gym after several months of avoiding it. And then, when I was ready to start my work day, I walked into my home office and it looked as if a tornado had hit. While trees were down in my entire neighborhood, I had a storm of my own on my coffee table. Piles of mail, file folders, books, magazines and a whole lot more have overtaken my office. Actually, at one time, it was a sunroom and my husband used to relish taking naps on the couch. But not anymore...

Today, I use our cozy sunroom as my office and ever since I moved in my computer and two printers, the place can now officially be declared a disaster area. Take a look...

Stay tuned for part two of our Office Makeover...and I'll make sure I give myself a new look too - I apologize for the messy hair and lack of make-up. What was I thinking anyway?

Posted in: Blog, TV on 03/16/2010


  • Love it! So excited I inspired an office makeover. I'm doing an office next - I think I should show you my office now - it's a desk in my bedroom. Closet Makeover was a bust today. Ridiculous estimates. Like buying a car. Quoted me with the sale price of $4100!!!! I originally thought their nearly 6000 price tag was a SKU #. Another company coming on Thursday thankfully.

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