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Lipstick Jungle...Sex in the City for Moms?

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I was all excited to watch NBC's Lipstick Jungle last night--hoping it would be a more Mommy-centric Sex and the City. I was sadly disappointed. Sure these women are incredibly stunning andlead fantastic lives, but lots of moments bugged me after watching theshow, I've detailed them for you:
  1. The kids running around the bedroom and the cat puking on the bed was totally authentic, but do real power women wear lingerie to bed and look Brooke Shields gorgeous when they wake up in the morning? Thinking: no.
  2. Has a hot younger man ever written his phone number on your thigh ... in permanent marker? Please. But if so, please put his number in the "comments" below.
  3. Is Andrew McCarthy supposed to replace Mr. Big? Sorry Andy, you're no Chris Noth.
  4. What's Wendy's (Brooke Shields) fascination with muffins? Do we need to know that she can stuff her face with cakes, champagne and muffins and still have a killer body? No.

I think I'll give Lipstick one more week, and I may even buy some sexy lingerie to get into the mood. To return to Role Mommy, click here.

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Posted in: Blog on 02/08/2008


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