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A Woman's World - Episode 6

I'm sure by now you've seen those relatable and funny animated commercials for Frito-lay and their healthy line of snack foods. Well, as a blogging member of their "Fabulous 15" I am here to let you know that a little birdy delivered a package of goodies to my door today and yours truly was quite pleased - right along with our trusty Role Mommy event coordinator Bonny, my son, his first grade female playmate (yes they were on a "date" today) and my daughter.

My personal favorite was smart food since it included popcorn topped with caramel and chocolate and get this...it's only 120 calories and 3 grams of fat! Bonny opted for the Flat Earth spicy chips, and the kiddies were fixated by the new and improved baked lays - which of course also landed on my carpet, the table and on the couch. But enough about the chips and popcorn...watch the latest webisode from A Woman's World and get ready to laugh.

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Recommends, TV on 04/28/2009


  • oh i love love love the popcorn clusters, both the carmel and the cranberry. I NEED TO BE ONE OF THEIR FAB MOMS B/C I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM, THEY ARE ONLY 2 WW POINTS, YET THEY FILL YOU UP AND TASTE YUMMY

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