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Kiddy Brawl at Kid Friendly Bistro

Took our kids out to their favorite restaurant - an Italian joint that offers a supervised play area complete with four Sony playstations, movies, a climbing loft, video games and fooz ball. Complete heaven for children and nirvana for parents who get to have a conversation over a glass of wine without a four-year-old spilling chocolate milk all over the table. But then, it happened. As my husband and I were engaged in some much needed adult conversation and our kids were off watching "Shrek 2," three kids who were not our own mosey-ed over to our table and decided to have a wrestling match. As the plastic balls they had just won from the game room went flying all around us, we looked all over the place and couldn't see a parent in sight to reign them in. And so, we gave them our best "evil eye" impression and they took their brawl to another table of unsuspecting diners. I know that we go to this restaurant specifically to keep our kids entertained while we enjoy ourselves too, but parents - please pay attention if your child has meandered out of the playroom and has decided to extend their playtime into the dining area. It's not fun for anyone when someone else's kids pitches a fit right in front of you just as you're trying to savor your linguini with clam sauce.

Posted in: Blog, Undercover Mom on 09/21/2006


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