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Even before she became a mother, Keri Glassman decided to pursue a career as a nutritionist because she knew the profession would lend itself well to raising a family.

After initially working for a successful online nutrition company, Keri decided to strike out on her own and open a private practice.
As she built up her client base, Keri realized that the most difficult part to watching your weight was having the right snack choices. While there were tons of nutritional bars on the market to carb cravings, Keri says she never came across a snack bar that she truly loved. And so, she took matters into her own hands.

With the help of her sister-in-law, who opened up her kitchen and flexed her baking muscles, Keri created the KeriBar - the ultimate snack that not only tasted great, but helped promote weight loss in conjunction with a healthy diet. As her bars began tantalizing the tastebuds of her clients, this enterprising entrepreneur set out on a course to transform her creation into a nationwide success.

While her sister-in-law did a valiant job whipping up the first batch of KeriBars, Keri moved into the next phase of her business by working with a food scientist who tweaked the recipe and created more flavors to broaden the selection - providing the bars with nutrients that help keep you full so you can make better eating decisions at your next meal. With three delicious KeriBars, she was ready to sell her snack bar to consumers. Keri then partnered with her brother, who runs a major New York based marketing company that developed the website for KeriBar, logos and packaging, and together, they hit the ground running.

Since February 2006, over 200,000 KeriBars have been sold in a host of stores including Mrs. Greens, Bed Bath & Beyond, Liz Lange, Energy Kitchen, Exhale, major airports and several health food stores throughout New York. And, after taking part in her first trade show, Keri recently partnered with a distributor that will be taking KeriBar nationwide. Plus, in the next two months, there will be a new delicious product available especially for families - KeriBar for kids!

As if a snack bar company and her private practice weren't enough, in Spring 2007, Crown Books will be releasing Keri's first book, The Snack Factor Diet - which offers Keri's tried and true advice on how snacks can help promote weight loss. Plus, Keri is frequently called upon by major media outlets to offer advice on healthy eating habits for families.

In the meantime, Keri, who continues to oversee a thriving nutrition practice, is the mom of two beautiful children, ages three and a half and seven weeks old! While these days, she oftentimes finds herself responding to emails while nursing daughter Maizy and entertaining her son Rex, she says that she's having the time of her life pursuing her passion while being a mom. For Keri Glassman, great health and happiness is truly a family affair.

To find out more about KeriBars, Click Here or visit KKG Body Fuel for more information or for private nutritional counseling.

Posted in: Blog, Moms of Reinvention on 10/22/2006


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