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I'm A Ritz Carlton Mom...Care to Join Me?

ritzbath.jpgBet that got your attention. Over the course of the last year, lots of companies have invited moms to become their brand ambassadors. From Walmart to Disney World, there are mom bloggers on hand to offer advice on how to navigate the #1 family travel destination in the US while offering insider tips on how to save tons of money while shopping at inexpensive retailers. While I am all about saving money and finding places my family will enjoy, I prefer to zag while everyone else zigs.

You only live once, so why not live the high life once in a while? Which is why I officially declare that I am a Ritz Carlton Mom. No, I have not been asked to be a brand ambassador for the hotel chain. I just love the Ritz Carlton. I love their bathrooms, their beds, their comfy robes and slippers, their food, wine, top of the line service and much more.

I love being treated like royalty the moment I check in. Who needs to feel like a sardine at a popular family destination when you can go on a girlfriend's getaway complete with spa services at the Ritz? Or, if you're looking for a great place to go with your family then give the Ritz Carlton Jamaica a try. My kids still beg me to take them back to the resort where we feasted on amazing food, hit the beaches and pool every day and were entertained for an entire week straight. And if you're celebrating your anniversary, why not get a babysitter and check in for an unforgettable night filled with romance, wine and chocolate...did I mention the Ritz Carlton Battery Park has an amazing chocolatier on staff?

If you're an HGTV junkie like me, and you're dreaming of renovating your bathrooms, you can get the best design tips from five star hotels. In fact, I modeled my own master bath suite from one of my stays at the Ritz a few years back. Of course, I used to stay there much more often when I worked in corporate America. Today, I just visit once in a while on special occasions, but in 2010, I'm vowing to make it back and this time, I'm bringing friends!

So if you're interested in joining me as a Ritz Carlton Mom, comment now with your Twitter handle or email address. There's a rigorous application process involved - actually, if you like to drink red or white wine, love spa services, comfy robes and marble bathroom tiles, you are in. I'll look into our destinations but I'm thinking we'll hit New York, Boston, DC and Los Angeles with plans for a caribbean getaway on the horizon!!!

Here's to a decade of pampering. Or at least a few times a year. Now I'm off to figure out the next brand ambassador role I'm going to take on without being asked. Hello, Ann Taylor Loft? It's your favorite customer calling...

Posted in: Blog, Role Mommy Confessions on 12/25/2009


  • My family and I lived in the Ritz in Detroit for about a month when we moved here for my hubbys job and I didn't want to leave! You can count me in 100%! @theappleofmyeye

  • Pampering + comfy beds = I'm in


  • Sign me up! I love pamper time. Especially when I see that huge tub that's yelling out for bubbles! @thienkim

  • What is not to like? I already feel relaxed just reading this.


  • Oh I'm in!!! A weekend away without kids, with other moms, being pampered... how could I possibly say no???

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